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We offer excellent quality sandwich panels in our subsidiary Hierros Palacios. We have a 4000m2 warehouse in Algeciras (Cádiz) for custom cutting of panels.

We have a wide variety of options to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

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In our business we firmly believe that together is better, and that is why we offer a wide range of high quality products to meet all of our customers' needs. Whether you need façade or roof panels, tile panels, refrigeration panels, trapezoidal and corrugated sheets in all colors and sizes, collaborative slabs, polycarbonates for lighting, colored screws or accessories of all kinds, we are here to help.

Additionally, we offer a servicio rápido y eficiente de entrega de paneles en 24 horas, so you can get what you need quickly.

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Our fast and efficient 24-hour panel delivery service is designed to ensure our customers receive their panels in the shortest time possible. Once the order is placed, our team is responsible for carefully preparing and packaging the panels and ensuring they are ready for delivery. We use reliable and efficient means of transportation to ensure that the panels reach their destination within the established time frame.

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Roof panel with insulating polyurethane core with hidden fixing by means of a flashing finish. Minimum installation slope 7%. Application use: all sectors. Panel with 3 40 mm high frets that give the product the highest load resistance on the market. The special design of the flashing allows for strong anchoring to the panel and a distance between this element and the exterior sheet, thus avoiding oxidation on the roof in the flashing anchoring area and the use of screws to fix the accessory to the panel. The particular geometry of the panel's fit allows for perfect watertightness. It is available in various coatings, colors and interior finishes.

Panel of 3 frets. Height of the fretwork 40mm. Distance between frets 500mm. Useful width 1,000mm

Thicknesses (mm): from 30 to 120. Consult thickness table. Other thicknesses can be manufactured according to specific order conditions.




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